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We're just a couple of guys in central Virginia who saw a need and decided to do something about it. You can reach us at ml4me


It's been rattling around as something that needed doing ever since one of those big corporations shut down the site we used to use. It didn't help that they patented their method either, which is why there isn't another one out there. It took advances in the state of the art research to enable us to avoid their lawyers.


The text is from wikipedia, so it might be under the GFDL, but since it's single words, it gets hairy, and we're not lawyers. The libraries used are listed above, and free for anyone to use. The underlying implementation is patented, but released under the Apache license, which as far as we can tell, means no one can make patent claims. Again, not lawyers.

Our license: Feel free to use our site, but please don't abuse it.

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