Word Grab Bag

What does this do anyway?

Word Grab Bag takes in a set of search terms and attempts to provide you with a collection of similar items. This is similar to a thesaurus, but if you can think of two words describing what you want, we can provide results for almost anything.

For a given search, you should expect to get more things out that have things in common the same way your query does. For example, if you enter orange blue you should get out more colors. If you enter orange banana you should get out more fruits.

Try it yourself here.

My word isn't found, but it should be!

We use a limited set of words found in wikipedia. If you think something should be added, send us an email

Why would you use this?

A standard thesaurus only works for one word at a time, and doesn't always take the meaning of the word into account. Plus, it really only works well for adjectives. The results can be used to do things like help you choose adwords for your website, pick an interesting word for your paper, or help you remember that one word that's on the tip of your tongue.

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